The non-use of heavy metals in our production processes and the use of biodegradable materials such as polyurethane make our products respect the environment and human health.

In harmony with the environment

We made environmental responsibility a priority decades before today's "green" movement. Through ongoing initiatives with our vendors, trade partners and customers,
we stay in the forefront of protecting our environment.

Our furniture fabrics are certified for indoor air quality.

Our furniture fabrics are certified for indoor
air quality.

No wastewater from dyeing.

 Our fabric's unique coloring process
avoids harmful effluents associated with conventional dyeing processes.
It also dramatically reduces water and
energy consumption.

Green Initiative

Energy Saving Lighting

All our Lighting uses energy saving
Technology and Bulbs.

Our fabrics are extremely durable.

 Our fabrics are engineered for a
serviceable lifespan two to ten times
longer than conventional fabrics.

Recycled Wood

We use recycle wood which extends the
life of hardwood diverts old wood from
landfills and reduces the need to produce
furniture and flooring from new wood.